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Additional Home Solutions specializes in home maintenance and repair such as plumbing, home remodeling, yard work, carpentry, electrical work and other home services.

When you want professional home improvements, you have to find the right Friendship handyman contractor who can execute the task the proper way it should be. Our fully licensed and professional experts have the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Additional Home Solutions - Friendship Home Improvement

As an expert Cumming handyman in Friendship, Additional Home Solutions provides our customers with quality services at the most reasonable rates. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction and we have some of the best guarantees in the Friendship. With over 20 years of experience, we provide Friendship residents with top-notch handyman, home remodeling and masonry services that they can depend on.

Friendship Window Replacement

Friendship home improvement and remodeling gives you the chance to customized design of your home. You can update the look of a room with just a few simple changes. Our Friendship handyman service provides personalized home improvement and remodeling services that cater to your wants and needs. We are a trusted and reputable company who puts customer satisfaction first in everything we do. We also offer:

  • Window Replacement
  • Replacement Windows
  • Vinyl Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Window Installation
  • Home Windows
  • Energy Efficient Windows
  • House Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Window Installers
  • Double Glazed Window

Friendship Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs in Friendship are common household projects sometimes done by the homeowner himself if it was only a minor one such as replacement of a faucet gasket, or done by a professional company for a major job such as cleaning a clogged drain.
Notice any leak under the kitchen sink lately? This certainly needs repair as you cannot allow such a defect to go unnoticed. The kitchen should be kept hygienic at all times since this is where meals are prepared. A leak detected, however small, should be fixed at the first instance it is discovered. Although sealants may be available for a quick fix, you will have to observe the sink. If the same issue has occurred several times, then it may need a new water trap that a plumbing company can install.
Plumbing repairs also involve finding leaks to water piping in and around the house. More common leaks occur in pipes exposed to outside weather and activity, such as the garden. These leaks can swiftly become big so it is best to have the pipes replaced and protected once installed.

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"I'm not sure how to put into words what you get with Steve and Valery. You get custom woodwork / cabinetry that makes your neighbors jealous (I know this as the jealous neighbor -- my next-door neighbor had them transform a chopped up little kitchen in a totally non-standard 100-year old house into a magical and warm piece of art, the woodworking was ALL custom and AMAZING, and it had special cubbies and cabinets and pullouts for everything she had and the space allowed - it was magnificent!). For me, they've done so many things I couldn't even list them. From the enormous to even smaller items that have been driving you insane forever; they're amazing. They put an exquisite railing on my front porch downtown that made me feel like I lived in a manor house. I think the railing ultimately might have sold the house for me! If you can describe what you want them to create, or better yet, find a picture of something similar, they'll give you 'what you asked for' -- only 100 times better than what you envisioned. Fantastic craftsmanship and quality; true talent and care for the finished product, and a couple you leave your extra set of house keys with -- without a second thought. You won't find anyone else like them anywhere. And this from someone who's admittedly not the easiest client!"

| Rated: 5/5

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